Wholesale Price 4×4 Column And Boom Welding Manipulator - W12 Series Steel Bending Machine 45KW Motor Power High Efficiency – Sanlian

Description:  1.This mechanical plate bending machinery is characterized by high efficiency, good sale and competitive price, easy operation and maintenance, good after-sale service, etc. 2.Electrical parts adopt famous apparatus with steady performance, durable, safe, reliable and convenient operation. 3. Another important feature to increase the versatility of the mechanical symmetrical rolling machine is the roll shaft extensions to allow dies to be fitted to bend profiles and pipes. 4.The ultra wide roll support with lubrication circuit is mounted within linear slides to prevent wear and tear of this mechanical plate bending machinery.
The features of hydraulic plate rolling machine : The hydraulic rolling machine is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers and other machinery and equipment. Its working principle is rotating bending deformation. A cylinder can be rolled, including the pre-bending of both ends, feeding the plate forward through the rolls, one time only. The operator should find only one position for each side roll, to get the part finished which is supported by permanent lubrication technology (bearing life period without refueling).
We Provide Our Customers Detailed Welding Technical: Specification:
Model Max pre-bending thickness(mm) Max bending thickness (mm) Diameter of upper roller (mm) Max plate width (mm) Main motor power (kw)
W12-10*1500 8 10 250 1500 11
W12-12*2000 10 12 260 2000 15
W12-16*2000 12 16 275 2000 18.5
W12-20*2000 16 20 280 2000 18.5
W12-25*2000 20 25 350 2000 22
W12-30*2000 25 30 380 2000 37
W12-25*2500 20 25 400 2500 37
W12-30*2500 25 30 400 2500 37
W12-30*3000 25 30 480 3000 45
W12-40*3000 32 40 550 3000 55
W12-50*3000 40 50 610 3000 55
W12-60*3000 50 60 670 3000 75
W12-70*3000 60 70 730 3000 75
W12-80*3000 65 80 780 3000 90
W12-90*3000 75 90 820 3000 90
W12100*3000 80 100 880 3000 110
Transportation: 1. Seaway is the most common transportation way for oversea trading. 2. Depends on your location, combined transport by rail and sea is also an option. 3. Certainly railway transportation is also acceptable if it is the most suitable approach. Competitive Advantage: 1. The straightedge length can be set freely, the upper roller press to pre-bend. 2. Parameters are controlled by NC, easy for operation, improve the productivity greatly 3. The lower rollers are fixed, the upper roller move vertically amd horizontally. 4. The upper roller is like a drum, the lower rollers assorted with it through support rollers. Bend continuously, can roll ideal products from thin to thick plates widely. 5. Complete structure, simple foundation, convenient move The machine has unitary basement, does not need earth bolts, has simple foundation, can move conveniently. What  can we do for you: 1.  Give you high quality products. 2.  Give you five-star price. 3.  Give you suitable recommendation. 4.  Give you good after-service. 5.  Give you professional technical guide.