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Quickly Details: Type: CNC Flame&Plasma Cutting Machine Brand:Sanlian Heavy Industry Condition:100% brand new Model number:CNC Size:CNC-2000-CNC-8000 Consist: (1) Main frame,(1) Gear rail , (1) Control box with CNC system Voltage:110V-600V Painting Color:Yellow & Blue /Yellow & Grey / Yellow & Black / Red&Black Place of origin:Wuxi , China(Mainland)   Applications: The CNC Oxy Cutting Machine mainly used for cutting Mild steel , Stainless , Aluminum ,and also used in H-beam production   If you are interested in this machine, would you please kindly advise us the information as follow:

1. Main material of the workpiece, it is better to send us the cutting drawings or your product pictures.

2. The effective cutting width and length, Material and cutting thickness.

4. Plasma  cutting or flame cutting ?

5. Other special requirement if you have.

We will offer you the best solutions and quotation upon receipt of your detail requirement.

Description1:  CNC Oxy cutting machine is a kind of high-precise cutting device, The machine is adopting oxygen gas supply with high efficiency; it can be designed with different numbers of cutting torch, which can realize several steel sheets cutting from vertical or horizontal position at the same time. The machine body is gantry type structure:the crossbeam is treated by whole annealing to eliminate stress so it has good rigidity and high strength without permanent deformation.With FastCAM progarm and Hypertherm CNC system.   Description2: CNC flame and plasma cutting machine is a kind of  high-precise  cutting device, The lifter the aluminum alloy structure. It is led by screw. guided by straight line bearing,the precision is guaranteed,The vertical guide track adopts heavy rail.The surface has high precision and wear-ability via grinding post processing .The gantry type structure design can ensure the high strength and rigidity. It equipped with Panasonic servo motors and Germany Neugart reducer, it runs steadily and cutting with a high precision.   Description3: The CNC Oxy Cutting machine with economical digital control function, can be applied in lot size straight steel plate cutting, as well as various geometric shape steel. The main frame is bent, welded and annealed to remove the stress, The servo motor is made by Panasonic, reducer is made by Germany Neugart, thus to ensure stable quality.. With precision gear and rack move, to ensure stable function.   Technical Parameters
Model Boom Column Traveling cart Power KW
  Vertical stroke (A)m Horizontal stroker (B)m Elevation speed m/min Traverse speed m/min Max load at extremity kg Total height (C)m Dimensions (D)×(E)×H m Rail c to c(F)mm  
LH1515 1.5 1.5 0.3 0.12~1.2 100 2.9 1.25×1.2×0.2 1052 0.91
LH2020 2.0 2.0 0.3   100 3.4 1.25×1.2×0.2 1052 0.91
LH3030 3.0 3.0 1.0   200 5.5 2.4×1.9×0.4 1600 2.75
LH3040 3.0 4.0 1.0   200 5.5 2.4×1.9×0.4 1600 2.75
LH4040 4.0 4.0 1.0   200 6.5 2.4×1.9×0.4 1600 2.75
LH4050 4.0 5.0 1.0   200 6.5 2.4×1.9×0.4 1600 2.75
LH5050 5.0 5.0 0.9   300 7.8 2.6×2.1×0.5 1798 3.5
LH5060 5.0 6.0 0.9   300 7.8 2.6×2.1×0.5 1798 3.5
LH6060 6.0 6.0 0.9   300 9.7 2.6×2.1×0.5 1798 3.5