HGZ-60 6-60m/h Wheel Vecolity Self-aligning Welding Rolls For Pipe Welding

HGZ-60 6-60m/h Wheel Vecolity Self-aligning Welding Rolls For Pipe Welding   Welding Rotator refers to the use of the friction between the weldment and the active roller to drive the circular weldment to rotate to complete the welding of the circular weld. The welding speed can be adjusted by the rotation speed of the active roller on the welding rotator. The rollers should always be kept on the same axis during use, so that the workpiece is not easily deformed and slipped when rotating. The welding rotator can be adapted to cylinders of different diameters by adjusting the center distance of the rollers.   Welding Rotator Product Parameter:
Type Max loading (kg) Vessel diameter(mm) Dia. and width of the wheel(mm) Roller linear velocity(m/h) 6-60 Power of motor(kw)
Rub-ber rollers Metal rollers
HGZ-5 5,000 Φ250-2300 Φ250×100 2×Φ240×20 0.75
HGZ-10 10,000 Φ320-2800 Φ300×120 2×Φ290×25 1.1
HGZ-20 20,000 Φ500-3500 Φ350×120 2×Φ340×30 1.5
HGZ-40 40,000 Φ600-4200 Φ400×120 2×Φ390×40 3.0
HGZ-60 60,000 Φ750-4800 Φ450×120 2×Φ440×50 4.0
HGZ-80 80,000 Φ850-5000 Φ500×120 2×Φ490×60 4.0
HGZ-100 100,000 Φ1000-5500 Φ500×120 2×Φ490×80 5.5
HGZ-150 150,000 Φ1000-6000          / Φ620×220 5.5
HGZ-250 250,000 Φ1800-7500          / Φ660×260 7.5
HGZ-500 500,000 Φ1800-8000          / Φ750×400 7.5
  The self-aligning welding rotator can automatically adjust the angle of the welding rotator according to the diameter of the workpiece to meet the support and rotation drive of workpieces of different diameters. The self-aligning welding rotator adopts frequency converter stepless speed regulation, wide speed regulation range, high precision, and large starting torque. The self-aligning welding rotator adopts high-capacity bearings, which can rotate without shaking and have a long service life. The combined box-type base has high rigidity and strong bearing capacity. The specially designed grooved steel core rubber surface roller of the self-aligning welding rotator has high friction, long life and strong bearing capacity. Advanced manufacturing technology, good straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole, minimize the amount of workpiece movement caused by insufficient manufacturing precision. The self-aligning welding rotator adopts digital adjustment and display technology for the roller speed, and the welding speed setting is very intuitive and accurate, which reduces the difficulty of operation for workers. And it must have over-voltage protection, self-protection functions, fault display and storage functions, automatic air switch short-circuit protection, and preset parameters. When the self-aligning welding rotator is matched with the welding manipulator and the weldingpositioner, the inner and outer longitudinal seams and the inner and outer circumferential seams of the workpiece can be welded.

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